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A Self-help Climate Policy Rant ….

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Ok, I have been traveling and talking climate policy for over a week now, and in talking (ok too much for some) and reading and thinking about this post-election phase, I have just one thing to say….

Tax, tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax

There I said it. And boy it feels good. So, folks, and you know who you are, lets stop backsliding on carbon tax and hiding its intent with new labels (the benevolent grandma’s benefits fund) or fuzzy instruments (upstream cap and trade anyone?). Lets call a tax a tax and get back to advocating the need for cost-effective climate policy over the long term.

Governments, political will and stakeholder perceptions all change but policy fundamentals don’t. So, while taxing carbon has experienced a set back (or a resurgence depending on if you can remember the carbon tax wilderness of only a few short years ago), us folks talking and influencing climate policy should not overly weigh the political and stakeholder acceptability criterion. That is not our job – sound climate policy guidance is. So, while some see the death of carbon taxes post-election, I am still toasting to its health and planning for the long-term. Although I am drinking just a tad more. Cheers.

Written by Dave Sawyer

October 24th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

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